About Us

Who are we

"The assuring fact about us is that we invest in the best deals the market has to offer. We critically analyse the market for the best posible positive returns for our Members."

The company is under the leadership of competent directors who have a wealth of experience in the finance world and who help arrange your finances to your advantage. Our investment portfolio is made up of many investments. In real estate which we have had very fulfilling returns, Forex trading which remain our strongest point of huge return. The other major areas of investment are in the money and stock market. We keep track of the daily goings on in the stock exchange and no viable investment opportunity can bypass us. As such, we invest in the best there is in the market.

We have an extensive product range. Within the spot markets, CFD , Commodities , we provide access to the foreign exchange market as well as the CFD market. Currencies offered for trading include the major currencies, namely, the Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound, and the Swiss Franc, Canadian dollar, New Zealand dollar , Australian dollar all of which are traded against a common denominator, the US dollar. These currencies are chosen because of the liquidity factor.

Our Mission

We have a strong track record and believe that we will continue to succeed in our operations by combining the strengths of our entrepreneurial investment partnerships and all capabilities within Asisco Fund Invesment. We want to be globally recognized for delivering an unrivaled combination of successful wealth management solutions and exceptional client service.We want to make money work for positive and sustainable change for our investors. More specifically, our aim as an investor is to serve as a catalyst in the transition to an economy where planet and people come first.